Messung der Nachhallzeiten DIN EN ISO 3382 Akustiker, Raumakustik Tonstudio Peter Rahe Einmessung DSP Raummoden

Scope: Measurements and optimization/ room acoustic treatment, tuning of the monitor speaker system
Client: TUI Cruises Berlin
Year: 2018

TUI Cruises GmbH is running a recording and mixing studio in Berlin to produce the shows for their worldwide cruise ship fleet. The room acoustic situation was not satisfactory; the sound engineer struggled with the room and never could trust the results of the mixes.
Akustikbüro Dahms GmbH has been instructed to optimize the room acoustic treatment and to tune the monitor sound system (Geithain ME 901 K und Bass Basis 14k) of the control room. First listening experience in the room gave a preliminary estimate that the room is “over-damped” and has lack of diffusion.

After detailed room acoustic analysis we re-arranged the existing broadband absorbers and introduced a bunch of big diffusors to the room. The entire control table and the speakers were moved and the delay and x-overs between the bass and tops were optimized.

After treatment and tuning, the client was delighted with his new listening experience.
From now on he can trust his mixes done in his Studio.

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