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Optimizing Studio Acoustics

Messung der Nachhallzeiten DIN EN ISO 3382 Akustiker, Raumakustik Tonstudio Peter Rahe Einmessung DSP Raummoden

Scope: Measurements and optimization/ room acoustic treatment, tuning of the monitor speaker system
Client: TUI Cruises Berlin
Year: 2018

TUI Cruises GmbH is running a recording and mixing studio in Berlin to produce the shows for their worldwide cruise ship fleet. The room acoustic situation was not satisfactory; the sound engineer struggled with the room and never could trust the results of the mixes.
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Lars Kopischke

Lars Kopischke

Stellv. fachl. Verantwortlicher der Messstelle
nach § 29b BImSchG für Erschütterungen
Bau- und Raumakustik,
Immissionsschutz und Schwingungstechnik

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eMail: kopischke (at )akustikbuero.de

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